In comparison to other cloud- or internet-based systems, you can reach your recipients even without an existing data connection.


Spreading fake news in class chats, via WhatsApp, email, and social media is a serious problem. The consequences are great uncertainty among parents, children and family members. With SchoolAlerts you are on the safe side because SchoolAlerts does not allow outside access and you cannot manipulate calls!

Important information: If the Internet fails, only SchoolAlerts will work!

In addition to the parents working in home office and the resulting online conferences, children will also be able to access Internet-based services and games due to the school closings, the assessments of the federal and network experts are at risk of massive Internet congestion, sometimes also failure. In such a case, the function of all web-based services, including emails as a communication tool, is failing.

A system was developed and tested in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Hesse and the HZD, the Central Office for Data Processing in Hesse that works independently of the Internet, absolutely complies with data protection and works on every telephone, including landline. SchoolAlerts.

Reach everyone with just one call.

how we help

Communicate important information and warnings of schools and universities easily, safely and directly.

keep children safe anytime

alert students & parents

one call – save all
independent from the internet

anticipate and prevent critical situations

accelerate medical response

leaving no one behind – the only alert for illiterate and visual impaired people

SchoolAlerts is preinstalled in over 8 billion phones, already available in over 180 countries. We are managing more than 4.000 customers globally, keeping millions of parents, faculty and staff informed in the event of crisis.

Send Calls

via Mobile

Selection of recipients

Recipient groups (school classes, parents, teachers) are updated in real time and are available for a defined group of authorized users (school management, teachers).


No limit to the content of the direct voice recording: Important information can include details, warnings and other information.

Send Calls

The call can be sent directly. The receivers’ phones ring just a few seconds after the start.


Immediately after the call has ended, an evaluation of the recipients reached is available. The detailed evaluation even indicates which recipient has been listening for how long and offers various follow-up options.

If you don’t have an internet connection, our system offers you a voice menu with which you can reach the selected groups without a data connection.

via Web-Interface

Selection of Recipients


Send Calls


Reaches you anytime, anywhere

Receive calls

Your recipient groups will be informed immediately and with just one call. No matter whether smartphone, normal cell phone or landline.



With InCallActivity (ICA), the receivers of a call can activate various additional functions and interact with the sender:

Listen to the call again (e.g.: “… press 1 …”)

request a link with further information via SMS (e.g.:“… press 3 …“)

InCallActivities also offer the option of carrying out comprehensive surveys (e.g. surveys).


No internet connection needed

No app or account needed

Global, unlimited reach

Works with every phone

Perfect for illiterate and visually impaired people

Total protection against cyber crime

The challenges of todays' communication:

  • None of the currently available technologies are able to reach everyone
  • Lack of credibility & safety
  • No reliable measurability
  • Drawing less alertness
  • Apps are limited to smartphone users only



Safety information and warnings

With SchoolAlerts, time-critical information such as safety information can reach out to all affected parents students as well as teachers easily, secure and fast.

Cancelled classes

With SchoolAlerts, the school administration can alert all students, parents and teachers quickly in a few minutes about all kind of school related incidents such as cancelled classes due to weather, delays or any kind of changes and cancellations.

Always be informed

All kind of warnings such as cancelled classes, delays, information on school working goups, etc. can be send at any time, with any phone and from anywhere.

On any phone

SchoolAlerts provides you with a direct and immediate communication channel for the school to reach out to the students and teachers, without any diversions such as smartphone apps or social media.

Authentic, secure, fast, not manipulable

SchoolAlerts meets the highest data protection and data security requirements and, unlike WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media channels, provides the only truly secure way to communicate.

Changing Communication

theCALL is the first and only communication technology that allows a caller to reach from one to an unlimited number of people, instantaneously, simultaneously without depending on internet access – simply by using the global telecommunication network.

Having the world at our fingertips is great, but the steady flow of information overload keeps us distracted from what really matters. An incoming call creates the utmost attention and replaces all other incoming information. A call still is the function of choice to transmit the most important message.