Frequently Asked Questions about SchoolAlerts.

What is SchoolAlerts?

Without detour via smartphone apps or social media, SchoolAlerts provides the direct and immediate communication channel from the school to parents, students and teachers. With only a few seconds of time, authenticated broadcasters such as the School Directorate are able to send information by phone to all affected recipients at the same time.

What are the advantages of SchoolAlerts?

With SchoolAlerts, you can get information faster than with any app, WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS or email, etc. It does not require the installation of an app or other technical requirements for receiving or sending messages. All messages, such as Security alerts or notifications of failures and shifts can be triggered at any time by any authorized person from any telephone. SchoolAlerts reaches you on any phone, whether smartphones, mobile phones or landlines.

Who sends information by call through SchoolAlerts?

SchoolAlerts will be made available to school management and, if necessary, to teachers for communication with parents and students. SchoolAlerts is a closed system so that recipients can only receive messages from authorized school staff. For example, parents and students receive only news from the director / selected director and teachers.

Why is SchoolAlerts better than other warning systems?

SchoolAlerts is the only warning system in Germany that has been specially developed for use by schools and that complies nationwide with all requirements for official communication. The SchoolAlerts phone system meets the highest data protection and data security requirements and, unlike WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media channels, provides the only truly secure way to communicate. SchoolAlerts takes care of the extensive reservations of privacy advocates, parents and teachers over the use of social media.

What happens if you miss the call first? (eg because the number is currently busy, or the connection was bad)

For each schoolchild / class, parents can specify up to six numbers under which they want to be informed. If the first number/s is/are not reached, the following numbers are called in succession. It is always possible to recall the SchoolAlerts number. In this case, the last message intended for the receiver will be played.

Does SchoolAlerts work on all phones?

Yes! SchoolAlerts reaches you on every phone no matter where you are, whether at home or on the road. So you get reliable and always at the right time information about e.g. Hazardous situations and failures.

Do you need an app or do you have to plan a purchase for a technical device if you want to use SchoolAlerts?

No. You do not need an app or another technical purchase. SchoolAlerts reaches you on any phone, whether smart phones, mobile phones or landlines. You do not need any additional equipment or other purchases to receive SchoolAlerts. All you need is a valid phone number under which SchoolAlerts can reach you.

Is a call number displayed to the recipient of a call by SchoolAlerts?

Yes. Every call sent via SchoolAlerts will be sent from a central telephone number that appears on the recipient’s telephone. Recipients can save this number and have at any time by recall access to the last message intended for them.

How much does SchoolAlerts cost? How long is the membership of SchoolAlerts?

In order for each family to participate in SchoolAlerts, a particularly low cost structure has been developed. To protect the children stood in the foreground. So SchoolAlerts can be used for only 4.00 EUR per school year / child. If parents have two children in the same class, only one contribution needs to be paid.

Does the membership extend automatically?

No. The membership for SchoolAlerts is one school year. After this school year, students in their new classes / schools must re-register for SchoolAlerts at their school

How can I cancel the membership?

They can be removed at any time by the headmaster or the teachers as recipients of SchoolAlerts and then receive no further messages.

Are additional costs incurred?

If SchoolAlerts’ recipients are outside the EU, SchoolAlerts may charge a provider-specific roaming fee to receive SchoolAlerts calls.

Will I still be warned if the schoolchild changes school during the current school year?

Yes. The subscription does not expire due to a change of school within the school year. Should the new school offer SchoolAlerts, you can have your SchoolAlerts membership rewritten to the new school.

How does SchoolAlerts deal with privacy issues? What happens with my data?

SchoolAlerts is a closed system that does not allow external access. the phone numbers are automatically anonymized so that only the system can assign the phone numbers to the correct names and groups. SchoolAlerts was developed in consultation with all relevant authorities. SchoolAlerts is therefore the only system that has been developed just for the use of the communication of schools with parents and students and finally gives schools the opportunity to communicate safely and quickly.