How SchoolAlerts works

Reaches you on every phone - no internet connection needed

SchoolAlerts provides you with a direct and immediate communication channel for the school to reach out to the students and teachers, without any diversions such as smartphone apps or social media. With only a few seconds expenditure of time, authorized senders such as school administration can send information by call to all affected receivers at the same time.

If the school participates in SchoolAlerts, the participants, mostly the parents, will enroll in school for SchoolAlerts.

In addition to the name and class of the child, up to four telephone numbers can be specified for each school under which the parents are informed.

Experience has shown that, as a rule, the mobile numbers of the parents, the home landline number and another family member are provided. If the first number is not reached, the following numbers are calld in succession.

So that every family can participate in SchoolAlerts, a particularly low cost structure was worked out. To protect the children was paramount for SchoolAlerts. That way, SchoolAlerts can be used for the cost of just 4€ per school year/child. If parents have two children attending the same class, just one contribution has to be payed.